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Model 9250-05

High-Speed Resistance Tester -
Model 9250-05

NOTE: The Model 9250-05 is Not Currently in Production. Please contact us to discuss your application.

The Harris IRT Enterprises High-Speed Resistance Tester - Model 9250-05 is designed for high-volume testing of the electronic resistance of parts and components manufactured in an industrial environment. Utilizing a powerful DSP micro-controller, the Model 9250-05 is capable of up to 250 readings per second. Calibration is software controlled, so you will never have to adjust a potentiometer again!! Available with a variety of standard and optional features which allow the unit to meet a wide range of industrial resistance testing requirements, the Model 9250-05 combines superior accuracy, high-speed, and ease of operation not found in any other industrial resistance tester on the market today.

The Model 9250-05 provides a 4˝ Digit, 4-contact Kelvin-based resistance measurement which is made available to customer computer systems via an RS-232 communication link. The use of a four-terminal resistance measurement system eliminates the inaccuracies introduced by test lead resistance. Although the instrument is designed to detect resistance throughout a series of ranges, the ranges are selectable via instructions from the customer host computer or, as an option, the unit can operate in an auto-ranging mode. Auto-ranging is particularly helpful when a variety of resistances may be encountered in a short period of time. The Model 9250-05 includes a relay-output which may be trigged via high/low limits set over the serial link to permit the automated rejection of unacceptable components.

There is also a safety relay provided so that when the resistance tester is used in a system with high-pot or surge tests, the internal safety relay will lock out the resistance tester circuitry during such testing. This protects the instrument from possible high voltage damage.

The standard Model 9250-05 is housed in a rack-mount anodized aluminum case but is optionally available in bench-top configuration. Additional options are described in the options section.



0 - 0.2 ohms
0 - 2 ohms
0 - 20 ohms
0 - 200 ohms
0 - 2000 ohms
10 microohms
100 microohms
1 milliohm
10 milliohms
100 milliohms
1 amp
100 milliamps
10 milliamps
1 milliamp
100 microamps

Test voltage for 0 - 2000 ohm ranges: 200 millivolts Full Scale


±0.02%, ±1 digit at 25°C
±0.02% per °C, 0°C to 50°C


250 readings per second.


Software for the Model 9250-05 is currently not available.


117VAC ±10%, 50-60Hz, 25 Watts (230VAC optional)


Rack-mount anodized aluminum case 19" [483mm] wide by 14" deep [356mm] by 3.5" [89mm] tall and fits standard rack-mount housings.

Check Options Matrix for Options available on this Resistance Tester

Download Model 9250-05 Specification Sheet

Download DK Interface Option Specification Sheet>

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