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Model 2005

Model 2005 Resistance Master

The Harris IRT Rnterprises Resistance Master - Model 2005 is an excellent portable standard for periodic calibration checks of production resistance testers. It provides a precision, laboratory-quality resistance set in a rugged, lightweight, easy-to-use unit. The possibility of a calibration error occurring due to switch or lead resistance is eliminated by utilizing a true, four-wire Kelvin connection between the panel-mounted banana jack terminals and the internal precision resistors.

Use of the Model 2005 simplifies calibration checks of Harris IRT Enterprises' (and other makes) resistance test equipment. Full-scale measurement of each range of the instrument being tested can be checked directly by simply turning the Resistance Master dial to the full-scale upper-limit value of the range under test.

Two certification levels are available for the Model 2005:

  1. Standard - Resistance value for each range is listed on the unit. Resistance values are based upon the values of the precision resistors used in the Model 2005.
  2. Certified: Resistance value for each range is determined by comparison to a instrument whose calibration is traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Testing.

The Model 2005 is accompanied by a certificate certifying the standards comparison.


RESISTANCES (nominal):
2 ohm
20 ohm
200 ohm
2000 ohm
20000 ohm
Custom resistances available.


±0.02% at 25°C.


10 ppm/°C.


3" [76mm] wide by 4" deep [102mm] by 6" tall [152mm]
Housing approximately 1 LB [0.45kg].

Download Model 2005 Specification Sheet

Test Leads for Resistance Testers

Harris IRT Enterprises resistance test equipment make use of a four-terminal Kelvin measurement system. This eliminates the inaccuracies introduced by test lead and connection resistance. Four leads are required to make measurements: two current leads “I” and two voltage leads “V”. For best accuracy, each voltage and current lead should connect separately to the component under test.

Special test leads have been developed to meet special testing situations:

Medium Kelvin Clip Set
Four-Wire Kelvin
Clip Lead Set

These Leads are an excellent choice for Production Use in 100% manual testing of medium size components.
Small Kelvin Clip Lead Set
Four-Wire Small Kelvin
Clip Lead Set

The Small Kelvin Clip Lead Set works well in test situations where smaller component contact areas require a reliable Kelvin Connection.
Kelvin Pin Probes
Four-Wire Kelvin Pin Probe Set

With a pin spacing of only 3 millimeters (.120 inch) the Kelvin Pin probes are designed to test very small terminal connections. There are two spring loaded contact elements in each probe to provide true Kelvin testing.
Large Four-Wire Kelvin Clip Lead Set

The Large Kelvin Clip Lead Set was originally designed for testing the resistive defrosting elements in automobile rear windows. They apply a firm pressure through two contact elements to one side of any flat surface.

Each Kelvin test lead set is available separately from Harris IRT Enterprises or as an option with the purchase of a Harris IRT Enterprises Resistance Tester.

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